24 S06 480p HDTV x264-Sticky83 [MEGA]

Posted by BvS  on Abril 15, 2014 in 24 , TV Packs , TV Show

NOTE: Fixed Episodes 1,8,10,11

MKV | AAC VBR | 24Ep (8.34GB)

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  1. tokotoko dice:

    1,8,10,11 are empty files on Mega

  2. tokotoko dice:

    Correction: they are ALL empty on all sites 🙁

    1. Princesita dice:

      Fixed 🙂

  3. tokotoko dice:

    Thank you! Now everything is complete!

  4. Tyler dice:

    Why is this HDTV? There are plenty of web-dl rips of season 6 available so why choose the inferior one to re-encode again?