My rheumatologist recommended methotrexate for my ra which i haven t started taking yet because i was waiting until after the holidays in case i have side effects however she mentioned plaquenil but she felt the methotrexate is better for my ra.

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belinda i started on methotrexate , increased to max oral dose within 2 months then plaquenil and sulphasalazine were added to the mix.

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some patients taking methotrexate have headaches, dizzinesss, fatigue and mood changes, especially when first starting on methotrexate.

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effective clearance of methotrexate has been reported with acute, intermittent haemodialysis using a high flux dialyser.

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there have not been any notable effects on sperm production or ovarian function after the prolonged administration of methotrexate.

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how long do i need to wait to become pregnant after i stop taking methotrexate.

Methotrexate is in pregnancy category x.

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