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Posted by BvS  on   octubre 6, 2015

If you have any request or movie series please leave a comment and will be uploaded .

Only series of the year 2000-2016

Specify format

Serie: 720p , HDTV, 1080p, BDRip or other.

Movie: x264, 720p, 1080p, x265

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  1. DJShotty dice:

    Can you please share current episodes of American Pickers? We in Australia have to put up with four year old episodes of the show on free-to-air, and I’m sure many people would enjoy seeing the new stuff…

  2. jinxthe juvenile dice:

    Can you please upload The Leftovers season 1.Thanks

  3. sizwe the man dice:

    Please upload the Leftovers season 1

  4. Isaac dice:

    Please upload The blacklist s1 and 2 on mega

  5. Aleks dice:

    Alias S01-S05 would be great

  6. Hess dice:

    Modern Family S07E03
    American Horror Story S05E01

  7. sara dice:

    hi can u pls add southpaw 720p yify

  8. jinxthejuvenile dice:

    Thank you very much for the leftovers

  9. jackmiller dice:

    please upload the Fall starring gillian anderson if you can

  10. jinxthejuvenile dice:

    thanks for the leftovers

  11. SuliV dice:

    When is Season three of Tyrant comeing

    1. BvS dice:

      Season 3 2016 😀

  12. A Lz dice:

    Please, upload “A Place To Call Home” Season 3

  13. SuliV dice:

    Please, upload house of cards the full season 3

  14. ALDAHIAH dice:

    Thanks for every think.

    Dear Can you reupload iZombie series Season 1
    or from E05 to E09.

    Thank you.

  15. stacy miller dice:

    Please upload transparent

  16. Bruce dice:

    Have S04 Web dl or better if you can, but thanks overall

  17. kepalabana dice:

    Hi, please re-upload Weeds S04-S08. All the links are dead. Thanks 🙂

  18. kennedy dice:

    HI please re upload gotham episode 19-22 thank you

  19. kennedy dice:

    hi can you please re upload season1 gotham episode 19-22 thank you

  20. Sullivan Chapula dice:

    Hi, Please Please, re-upload house of cards the full season 3. Thanx in advance

  21. Sullivan Chapula dice:

    Hi, Please reupload season one of the soprenos. Thanx

  22. jinxthejuvenile dice:

    Please upload Justified from season 2

  23. eDDY dice:

    The only request I have is a movie that I have been looking for a long time. It’s called “The Golden Cane Warrior” or “Pendekar Tongkat Emas”. With a link to english subs (you can find it on subscene).

  24. Sullivan Chapula dice:


    Am still kindly requesting for House of cards season 3 or the soprenos season 1

  25. Sullivan Chapula dice:

    Could you kindly upload episode 6 of Empire

  26. Sullivan Chapula dice:


    Could you kindly upload episode 6 of season 2 of Empire. We missed it last week

  27. jinxthejuvenile dice:

    could you please make the links on twin peaks available as it say adfly suspended

  28. megarif dice:

    Saludos: Si es posible, capitulos 2 y 3, y desde el 5 en adelante de la serie MODUS.
    Hi, if is possible, chapters 2, 3, and 5 forward for the serie MODUS.

    Help me please!

  29. MM90 dice:

    Hello, I dont know if the web series of Fear the walking dead is available?
    As soon as it becomes in handy, please. If you can upload it 🙂

  30. Bruce dice:

    Addendum to triptank post: Web-dl or better

  31. Bruce dice:

    Triptank post was removed. animated show 2 seasons web dl and up if possible

  32. Bruce dice:

    would love to see move Parasyte The Maxim DUBBED

  33. absolut dice:

    If it is possible the I would for the first three seasons of Suspects to be uploaded.. thanks in advance.

  34. absolut dice:

    Can you upload the haves and the have nots from season 2 please

  35. Sullivan Chapula dice:

    The sopranos and house of cards season 3…plz

  36. Absolut dice:

    can you please upload Criminal Minds:Suspect behavior

  37. Absolut dice:

    I would like to ha The Killing re uploaded please, all of its seasons….Thanks again

  38. Sean dice:

    Please upload The Murder Detectives S01E01

  39. Absolut dice:

    please re-upload Chicago PD from season one.

  40. Alex dice:

    Where is the link for UK X FACTOR S12E 2/ 21/ 22 they are not available???


  41. CRS dice:

    Please upload The Expanse.

  42. richie dice:

    The Frankenstein Chronicles S01E2

  43. kingsley dice:

    please post the goldbergs season 1 and 2

      1. Sullivan Chapula dice:

        House of cards season 3

  44. brian dice:

    could you keep uploading top gear series you put from 1 to 4, and also entourage season 7

  45. hardfloor dice:

    hy mate! thanks a lot for all your up, do you have E01 of Colony? this series looks great

  46. Chacho dice:

    Request: LAMB I belive is on Itunes Thank you

  47. Xerxes dice:

    could you please upload Hemlock Grove Season 1 & 2. Thank you

  48. J Mitchell dice:

    Please can someone load Silent Witness S19E06.

    MAny thanks

  49. gina dice:

    Can you please upload, making of a murderer

  50. DISTURBED dice:

    Hello guyz… first of all thank you for uploading movies in MEGA, the fastest free hosting site. I would like to request for you guyz to upload movies by JYK in because the file is smaller but it is 1080p rather than uploading releases by SPARKS, because the file is too big, normally its 10gb for a 1080p movie. Please reconsider this. Thanks again.

  51. Sullivan Chapula dice:

    House of Cards Season three

  52. Sullivan Chapula dice:

    The leftovers Season two

  53. Ricardo dice:

    Serie The hundred pleaaaase!! <3

    1. BvS dice:

      Posted Season 1 and 2 720p Bluray x265

  54. Misha B dice:

    Hi there. Could you please add Daddy’s Home, Ride Along 2 and Dirty Grandpa?

  55. SuliV dice:

    Plz open the links for Game of thrones Season 3 & 4. if u can do Season 5 i will really appreciate it. Thanks in Advance

  56. cowboy dice:

    Impastor TV Series.

  57. Ara dice:

    Hola., podrian postear/subir la pelicula SEVENTH MOON (2008), gracias

      1. Ara dice:

        Muchas gracias !!!!

  58. anon dice:

    any chance you could upload full frontal with samantha bee? thanks!

  59. Roberto Guerrero dice:

    Saludos: Si alguien pudiera colaborar con la serie BRO/BROEN The Bridge (la version original – nordica) en su tercera temporada.
    Es una excelente serie con un sabor diferente, una serie con sentido.

  60. SuliV dice:

    Hola., podrian postear/subir la pelicula House of Cards Season 3, gracias

  61. hardfloor dice:

    Greetings mate, could you please upload -Vikings 03×90 Secrets of the Vikings-
    Regardless of the format , it will be welcome! thanks a lot

  62. dice:

    Season 2 of true detective 720p x265 please

    Season one of how I got away with murder 720p x265

    Season one of z znation 720p x265

    All up to mega please

  63. hardfloor dice:

    hello, can you up Dark Net S01E03 please? thank you for all 😉

  64. Absolut dice:

    could you please reupload chicago PD from the 1st season. Thanks in Advance.

  65. FriendsFan dice:

    Could you please upload the “Must See Tv: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows” Aired Last night February 21th on NBC! PLease!

  66. kepalabana dice:

    Hi, again please please please T_T re-upload Weeds TV packs S04-S08. All the links are dead. Thank you very much for your time! 🙂

  67. kamikaz990 dice:

    any chance you could upload havoc 2005 swimfun 2002 in hevc x265

  68. kay dice:

    Please upload deadpool 1080p

    1. BvS dice:

      Release April 2016

  69. kepalabana dice:

    Could you please upload the “Top Gear From A-Z Part 2”? TQ =)

  70. Thanks dice:

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)
    It just came out on Netflix today!

  71. Ara dice:

    Hola., podrian postear/subir la pelicula DARK HORSE(2011), , gracias

  72. Ara dice:

    Hola., podrian postear/subir la pelicula DARK HORSE(2011)x264 720p, , gracias

  73. Zayan dice:

    Could you please upload House of Cards Season 4

  74. Ara dice:

    Could you please upload The Hateful Eight 2015 720p x264?

  75. Aditya dice:

    Concussion Bluray 1080p other than DRONES on openload multiup

      1. aditya dice:

        thank you!

  76. syrup dice:

    Letterkenny HDTV or 720p or 1080p

  77. azoz dice:

    Can you please upload , the 5th wave 720p x264 ?

    1. BvS dice:

      Release, Apr 19, 2016 (1 Month).
      Aprox Posted Apr 05, 2016.

  78. amal dice:

    hap and leonard s01e03 x265 please

  79. special_kwa dice:

    Movie please… Situation hopeless but not serious – 1965


  80. PYRO dice:

    Hello, can you please upload King Tut series on 720p or 1080p? Ty!

  81. Ara dice:

    Could you please upload the film: Invaders from Mars (1986) x264 720p? Thanks!

  82. julio dice:

    i can’t see z nation do i need a different codecs? thanks

  83. SuliV dice:

    kindly reupload the soprenos season 1

  84. Pramod dice:

    Could you please upload good quality links for Everybody loves Raymond.

  85. JInxthejuvenile dice:

    PLease upload Chuck TV Pack from season 1. It says adfly suspended when i try to download it

  86. Ara dice:

    Hello, could you please upload the film: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)x264 720p?. Thanks!

  87. julio dice:

    could you please upload narcos S01 again pleaes thanks

  88. fate sewelo dice:

    could please upload the flesh 2015

    1. BvS dice:

      Pound of Flesh 2015?
      Please confirm

  89. Pl upload Generation Kill
    HDTV format
    Ty 🙂

  90. Zibuyile Mposula dice:

    Please upload Risen 2016

    1. BvS dice:

      Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

  91. tshepo dice:

    hey guys could please upload Captain America Civil War

  92. vha dice:

    I’d appreciate it if you could upload the movie Tucker and Dale vs Evil(2010) in 720p x264

    thank you

      1. vha dice:

        you are the best!
        Thank you very much

  93. Alonso dice:

    Hi! Can please upload ¨The Help¨??

    Thank u so much!

  94. Tom Harry dice:

    Would really appreciate if someone could locate and upload the TV series “Outback Truckers”
    Some great trucks and crazy drivers in some amazing places
    “In the Australian Outback when the going gets tough the tough drive trucks. Outback truckers drive the biggest trucks on Earth along the toughest roads and loneliest highways. Men and Women behind the wheel of monster trucks on marathon runs battling fire, flood and lots of mud to make their deadlines and deliver their goods.”

    1. BvS dice:

      Posted Season 4, We’ll see if uploading previous seasons.

      1. Tom Harry dice:

        Thank you, your effort is much appreciated

  95. Ara dice:

    could you please upload the film: Cloverfield (2008) x264 720p?. Thanks!

  96. Alonso dice:

    Hi! Thanks 4 the site! Its amazing!…. Could you please upload the season 1 of MOM?


  97. shepherd dice:

    could you kindly upload assasin creed 720p

    1. BvS dice:

      It has not even been released in cinemas .

      1. shepherd dice:

        is this the first assasin creed movie to be released,if there are any please upload em

  98. Ara dice:

    could you please upload the film: Goodnight Mommy(2015)x264 720p?. Thanks!

  99. Amarnath dice:

    Please upload Rome T.V. Series (2 seasons) – any decent quality will do.

  100. julio dice:

    Please upload penny dreadful season 1

  101. F. Ontiveros dice:

    Please Reup Homeland Season 1,

  102. Ara dice:

    Podrian subir las temporadas de la serie PENNY DREADFUL en x264? gracias

  103. julio dice:

    Please upload The hannibal s3 on mega

  104. suliV dice:

    Kindly upload the complete season 4 of switched at birth

  105. vha dice:

    I’d like the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail in 720p
    as well as the Series American Dad in 480p BRRip or 720p x265.
    Thanks a lot!

  106. Ara dice:

    Hola, could you please upload the film: STRAW DOGS (1971) X264 720P? thanks.

  107. Ka dice:

    Ciao, could you please upload the serie Teen Wolf s06e01? Thank You !

    1. BvS dice:

      The Teen Wolf season 6 premiere date is still unknown

      1. Ka dice:

        so I made some mistake 🙁 Thank You !

  108. JOHN dice:


  109. absolut dice:

    Hey… could you please upload ‘The Closer’ tv packs from season 1 to season 7. thanks in anticipation.

  110. perspicacia dice:

    House MD in 720p x265 any or all seasons would be great?

  111. Absolut dice:

    Hola!! can you upload Spooks(MI-5) 720p please all seasons

  112. ud dice:

    hi…could u please upload ‘Stranger Things’?

  113. Karlie dice:

    Hello there can you please upload Stranger Things I heard a lot of good reviews about this show I wanna watch it so bad hope you can upload it as soon as possible. Thanks! 🙂

  114. KC dice:

    Netflix’s The Get Down

  115. Mine dice:

    The Strain Season 2 tv pack PLEASE!

  116. kennedy dice:

    Am kindly requesting for shameless season6 720

  117. kennedy dice:

    Please add episode 12 season6 i managed to download some but the last episode has been deleted

  118. Joy dice:

    Hi Team, can you upload Victoria Season 1 Episode 2? Thank you!

  119. Anon dice:

    can you please add grey’s anatomy s13e01 and how to get away with murder s03e01

  120. Qwerty dice:

    I can’t find my comment, but the movies I asked for (Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean) are ready to download.
    Thank you so much, you guys are the best.

    1. BvS dice:

      Nothing, occasionally we take the time to fill orders 😀

  121. Up All Night dice:

    Could you please up Under the Skin an Interstellar at 1080 or at least 720? Thanks

  122. Cristian dice:

    Hello, good afternoon, I wonder if they will raise the remainder of the season Luke Cage? , From already thank you very much!

    1. BvS dice:

      Yes, all episodes will be published on the day

  123. Up All Night dice:

    Ok, maybe not a week, but I really want to watch those two films in a good quality. Please up them. Thx

    1. BvS dice:

      thank you for your patience

  124. Ara dice:

    Hello there can you please upload “The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)” 720p x264? Thanks!!

  125. Gustavoi dice:

    Please add E01 of “Chance” – would love to see Hugh Laurie in action again! Thanks

  126. SaneloJosephs dice:

    Hello Could You please upload Shes gotta Have it(1986) in 720

  127. SaneloJosephs dice:

    Thank You very much

  128. Sergio dice:

    Please upload The Level s01e05, Thanks

    muy buena la página

  129. jinxthejuvenile dice:

    Hi please upload George Washington (2000) in 720

  130. Chris dice:

    Pls uploade ‘First Girl I Loved’ (2016)
    Preferably in 1080p or 720p.

    1. BvS dice:

      Not release, sorry :/

  131. Devy Ryan D. Gicano dice:

    Doctor Strange (2016) 720p(Not Cam)BRRIP x264
    Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them (2016) 720p Full Movie BRRIp x264

  132. jinxthejuvenile dice:

    Hi please upload Symbiopsychotaxiplasm take one(1991) in 720

  133. britmarling dice:

    The OA S01E08?

  134. Tamara dice:

    Can you please upload Too Close To Home season 1?

  135. Bob dice:

    Could you please upload Ginger Snaps (2000)? In x264 and either 720p or 1080p quality. Thank you.

    1. BvS dice:

      Posted 720p/1080p Yify 😀

  136. lucas dice:

    Home Alone and Home Alone 2, 720p

  137. Nissa dice:

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) in 720p, please. 🙂

    1. BvS dice:

      Not release, Maybe February 2017

  138. Kyle dice:

    Can you help to upload Fallen 2016?

  139. Pushpender Kumar dice:

    please add avengers earth mightiest heroes s01 and s02 (hdtv)
    imdb Link :

    1. BvS dice:

      Posted Season 1 and 2 DVDRip 🙂

  140. Ara dice:

    Hi, Could you please upload “Boca Juniors 3D La Película (2015)”? In x264 and720p. Thank you, Happy year!!.

  141. Kyle dice:

    can somebody upload Fallen (2016) movie please?

    Thank you so much

  142. bart dice:

    could you post
    Power Rangers Ninja Steel

  143. carina domingues dice:

    can you upload the movie THE DO-OVER again please? the one you have here is off in any link. dont mind the format tho just would like to upload it. thanks

  144. carina domingues dice:

    can you upload the movie Blood Father again please? the one you have here is off in any link. dont mind the format tho just would like to upload it. thanks

  145. carina domingues dice:

    can you upload the movie Beyond Beyond again please? the one you have here is off in any link. dont mind the format tho just would like to upload it. thanks

  146. Zibuyile Mposula dice:

    Please upload Fifty Shades of Darker

  147. natt dice:

    Collateral Beauty

  148. Natt dice:

    Can you please upload
    Battlestar Galactica Season 1 , 2 , 3 & 4

  149. john dice:

    can use load six degrees u.s version please Creators: Raven Metzner, Stuart Zicherman
    Stars: Jay Hernandez, Bridget Moynahan, Erika Christensen | See full cast & crew »

  150. DashWatson dice:

    Gomorrah TV series (2014-)

    Can you please upload both seasons 1 and 2 in 720p x265 from BluRay source?
    Will wait for your encodes. Thanks a lot for everything…

  151. zac dice:

    Can you please upload Liv and Maddie season 4

  152. Timmy dice:

    Am I the only person who always gets a error almost all uploads say: wrong serial Key and i cannot open or download any of the content! is my best option for downloading without limitation .. pls help

    P.S. Very greats blog-site you build up here! Enjoy it for almost a year now?

    1. BvS dice:

      Try now.

      Change of shortening