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  1. Daramson says:

    As much as I would Love to see this Movie now, I think I’m gonna wait for the DVD version… Thanks Admin

  2. Daramson says:

    Admin please help us refresh the links, uptobox ain’t working including the rest… Thanks

  3. Daramson says:

    Wow!!! Thanks, its working now….

    1. Dave says:

      hi how did u get this film toplay?

  4. Dave says:

    can someone help me plz new to this site and I cant get this film to play. how do I play it plz

    1. Daramson says:

      @Dave, just download from any of the links and unzip the file to enable it play or use vlc to play fter downloading the movie… Very easy and straightforward

  5. Benham says:

    can you re upload in mega please

  6. Andrev says:

    I don’t think that these films are better than the book, but I also don’t have the same anger about the changes that some others do (except for Radagast, I hate what they did to him).

  7. Kaetzvm says:

    Can you re-up to Mega, please and thank you!