The SD TV x264 – Scene is switching to MKV ?

Posted by BvS  on Abril 11, 2016 in General

Hello, Note By TTL:

  • MKV is simply a CONTAINER, not a file type.  MKV allows for multiple language  files and multiple subtitles to be included in one CONTAINER so that only one release can serve many languages, eliminating the need for a file for each language to be uploaded and stored and made  and shared.-Part-1
  • That is the main reason and a secondary reason is they were simply waiting for stand alone devices such as BluRay players and Android boxes to have the necessary software to play the CONTAINER. Almost all MKV CONTAINERS contain an mp4 and an audio track and subtitles, whether CC or a language other than English.-Part-2
  • This will now make it much simpler for the people who encode files like I do to only have to make MKV format encodes. VLC is a much superior player than Windows Media player and can handle 99% of what ever is thrown at it. Hope this helps you to understand a little better.-Part-3
  • Now the smaller version of files can support multiple languages and subtitles in one container. It is being done for you the end user.

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Thanks – BvS

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  1. David dice:

    keep up the good work.
    greeting from portugal

  2. Stephen dice:

    How do I extract the MP4 from the conyainer, as my Xbox360 won’t play MKV’s?

  3. frank dice:

    of course if anyone still wants avi mpg mpeg .. their are numerous other sites that have links ……..
    in fact that is how i found you folks .. you dropped your links on another site

    ..and thanks for all your work .. i have stayed here …

  4. sunday_serbia dice:


  5. Mkv Blows dice:

    Wrong. MKV is a file type. VLC is a terrible player. Windows media player?
    Dude! PC computers? For all of the Mac users, who also use quicktime…
    MKV files stutter, gobble up RAM. MKV files sucked 10 years ago, and
    they still do. At this moment, I personally HATE all of you encoders.
    G*dammned russians anyway.

  6. Edgar dice:

    La mejor pagina, Gracias