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Traitors Season 01 720p HDTV [06/XX]

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Traitors S01E06 MEGA With no one left to protect her, Feef is forced into the mole’s path when she is asked to try and ‘turn’ them, and escape a new and dangerous enemy. And Hugh gives her an ultimatum. Traitors.S01E0...

Traitors Season 01 720p HDTV [05/XX]

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Traitors S01E05 MEGA Feef finds out what happened to her missing lover and who the mole is. She kills one enemy, but makes a deadlier one. Time is running out, her life is at risk and she doesn’t have any allies left. ...

Traitors Season 01 720p HDTV [04/XX]

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Traitors S01E04 MEGA Rae is made to work late in the office by Feef, so Rowe can break into her house, and on exiting he has an altercation with Rae’s mother. Rae’s young son returns from America, and meanwhile Feef in...

Traitors Season 01 720p HDTV [03/XX]

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Traitors S01E03 MEGA Rowe rules out one of Feef’s suspects as the mole, and suggests she gets closer to Jerry. Meanwhile, celebrating a cornerstone of the new Welfare State with her colleagues, Feef hears a rumour that...

Traitors Season 01 720p HDTV [02/XX]

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Traitors S01E02 MEGA Rowe meets up with Feef to impress on her the importance of her role, and reveals that she had a predecessor. Labour MP Hugh’s principles are challenged when he’s told to vote to accept the America...

Traitors Season 01 720p HDTV [01/XX]

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Traitors S01E01 MEGA Set in 1945 London, Traitors is the dangerous, enthralling story of Feef, who is seduced by a rogue American spy into spying on her own country. Her task? To uncover a Russian agent in the heart of...